Marine Biosecurity 

Diveworx specialise in marine biosecurity and protecting vessels from carrying exotic marine life from location to location. Diveworx can keep your vessel free of any fouling including seaweed, tube or fan worms, barnacles, shellfish, and slime.

Using our special Cavitcleaner which does not touch the surface of your boat, we will clean your hull, paying particular attention to  propellers, stabilisers, keels and anchor wells, where marine organisms like to attach themselves to.  We will provide a full report for biosecurity sign off.

Fanworm on bottom of a hull

Fanworm on bottom of a hull

Biosecurity Diving Services

  • Diveworx in water Biosecurity Inspection service is perfectly suited for all vessels arriving from overseas ports and continuing on to domestic ports.
  • We will provide a full suite of written, still and video reporting compliant with Department of Conservation and regional government agencies
  • Hull cleaning to remove any exotic marine growth

Why marine biosecurity is so important

Exotic marine species can literally be moved  from location to location within NZ as fouling on vessel hulls. Many exotic marine organisms, can have an irreversible impact on our unique marine environment.

Areas like Northland now require vessels to be free of any marine pests when you travel to that region. provide a report showing they have a clean hull and are free of any exotic marine life. They recommend  (if allowed within your region) an in-water clean by divers just prior to leaving will generally be sufficient. Northland Regional Council run large scale inspections from Sept to May.  Northland Biosecurity requirements

“Our 70 tonne expedition vessel RANUI has used Diveworx for many years now. The work delivered is timely and of high quality and the videos and certificates provided comply with the Biosecurity legislation and are approved by Government bodies that we deal with. All government departments treat the Bio Security legislation very seriously and only certain providers are accepted. We highly recommend Diveworx.”
— Ranui South Pacific Charters Ltd