Diving Services for film and TV

Diveworx provides diving services and advice on film and TV productions including safety diving, underwater set construction, actor diving training and diving compliance and coordination.  

Film & TV diving expertise we provide:

  • Professional advice on accurate diving procedures and safety protocols
  • Local diving laws and legislation
  • Professional and qualified Commercial Divers for specific underwater tasks  
  • Diving  admin requirements
  • Diving coordination and administrative management
  • Safety for actors and stunt divers
  • Underwater stage construction, underwater set dressing
  • Underwater lighting and special effects
  • Actor diving training and compliance
  • Specialist equipment procurment and rental
Safety divers at the Kumeu Film Studios

Safety divers at the Kumeu Film Studios

Film and TV diving legislation

A Production Company that employs a diver or dive team without all relevant administrative documentation in place could find themselves at risk of litigation in the case an incident or accident were to occur.  All Occupational Divers in New Zealand must carry a current Dive Medical and a Certificate of Competency regardless if the Divers are Actors, Stunties or performing underwater rigging and construction. 

So if you have a diving element in a film or TV production talk to Diveworx.